Animal abuse is increasing and we are against it.

We support animals that have first encountered people who abandon and mistreat them and then come to foundations and loving hands in november we visited lazarolandia giving them a contribution of 15 packages of dog food, we met lulo a criollo dog that was abandoned in the city of Cali but a month later we found Cristian a human willing to give a lot of love to lulo, also lexpo a puppy that we found in Cali and we decided to support them 100% and make him part of our family even though he did not give the battle because his disease was very advanced we said goodbye to lexpo . . but we greet gitana a beautiful dog that went from the streets of our Colombian coast to be a gitana of Medellin mor and we have sent 100 kilo of food to the Colombian Pacific with our national army, we delivered 100 kilos of food to the shelter for puppies and kittens in Pavas.


Nathalie Sosa y Antoni Rivera.